Mack's Biography

Mack Burnett is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Engineer, Speaker, Consultant, and Coach with over 25 years of experience designing, growing, and scaling organizations.

As founder and CEO of growth marketing consultancy POWERFUL IMPACT, he helps companies and organizations engineer Predictable Growth Without Chaos™ so they can focus on developing their core competitive advantages. He applies the same framework he used to grow POWERFUL IMPACT into a business with over 40 employees in 10 time zones in growing and scaling other companies and organizations. He has worked with Nespresso, Planned Parenthood, Girls Who Code, Twitter, AXA Equitable, Udacity, Phase 2, Outscale, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Mack has also been an adjunct professor at New York University for over 10 years, where he teaches growth, strategy, and digital marketing. He was given the 2021 Silver Apple Award by the Marketing Club of New York (MCNY) for more than 25 years of contribution to the marketing industry.

Mack's Growth Roadmap

Mack has developed a simple, yet robust and scalable system based around 6 principles that he uses to analyze a company’s growth.

Mack's Active Brands

Mack has create over 50+ brands and business models for both himself and his clients over the last 25+ years.

POWERFUL IMPACT is fully managed Strategy, Marketing and Operations Growth Consultancy helping clients Engineer Predictable Growth Without Chaos
Outsourceology is a staffing and recruiting solution that has mastered the Science and Psychology of Outsourcing to help its clients build Marketing and Operation teams

Entrepreneurs IQ is a content, training, and coaching platform that helps its community of entrepreneurs get smarter, move faster and go further in their businesses.

Mack's Awards

Fruits of our hard work and passion for excellence


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