Seminar Companies & Promoters

Are you a seminar promoter or do you represent a seminar company with a powerful and timely message to share? Are you seeking a seminar leader that understands how to close the deal from the front of the room?

Look no further – Mack Burnett III is the answer for your seminar needs. With his real life stories and crowd interaction, professional results are a guarantee.

From the stage, Mack will engage your seminar participants with an intense passion and contagious energy. Your guests will leave your seminars excited and full of innovative ideas. Not to mention, running to the back of the room.

Put your event into Mack’s capable hands and he will deliver quality content, every time, designed to close and get maximum value per participant. Put Mack’s seminar skills to work for your company today and let him captivate, involve and close your prospective customers today.

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