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7 Principles of a 21st Century Business

The future of business is changing daily, but most businesses are stuck in the past. Just because you have a computer and a website, doesn’t mean you’re working in the 21st Century. This keynote gives the audience rock solid principles that they can immediately put into action.

Although Mack talks tech in this seminar, this is a seminar about leveraging technology. Technology is like a hammer. If you don’t learn how to leverage the technology, you can’t get the nail in the wall. The purpose of this seminar is to give people the tools to be innovative, more profitable and more profitable leveraging the tools of tomorrow.

Be More Social

Having a hard time “getting” social media? Is your company or organization having trouble figuring out how to make social media work for you? Are you not connecting with your audience?

Mack’s “Be More Social” workshop pulls back the curtain on social media and gives the audience key insights on how to leverage social and make it more effective. In the workshop version of this program, Mack uses team building exercises and good ‘ol fashioned ediquette training to show how social can work on a granular level.

He also, uses real world examples and case studies to illustrate how your team can make social a winning, and even profitable channel. Energize and empower your team, not to look at social media as something to fear, but to get everyone effectively communicating a common brand message.

It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep!

Many businesses have a huge boulder over their heads that most ignore. It’s the 800-lb gorilla that most either don’t see or don’t do anything about. Overhead.

In some cases, overhead is difference between profitability and bankruptcy.

This workshop or seminar shows the audience how to use technology and outsourcing to dramatically reduce the bottom line without sacrificing performance.

How To Start or Move Your Business Online

Having a website and having an automated online machine that manages your business process is two different things.

This seminar goes over all the basics you need to know about leveraging technology to run your business for you.

Going Paperless

Paper, paper, everywhere and can’t find it when you need it? Going Paperless is a high demand workshop that shows the audience how they can lose all paper on their desk, be more efficient and work from anywhere.

The content in this course take the power away from the file cabinet and puts it in the audiences computers, tablets and mobile phones.

This transformative training empowers people to work smarter and live greener. Save a tree today and bring this program to your event.

How to Stop Paying for Software… Legally!

When buying a computer, many people don’t think about the cost of adding the price of the software for the new computer.

The price of software can cost more than the price of the computer itself! This popular workshop shows you the key principles to rethink about paying for software and websites ever again.

21st Century Job Hunting Strategies

People looking for jobs today are having more and more issues finding the right jobs, let alone getting interviews. Most people are unaware of the techniques, strategies and technologies that companies and recruiters are using to find and recruit talent today.

This in-depth training uncovers the ways to search for jobs, present yourself online. More importantly, it shows you how to protect yourself online from things you don’t even KNOW employers and recruiters can see about you.

This is one of the hidden gems that is becoming more and more popular, as people realize the need to stay ahead of the competition.

Hey, You Can Google Me…

This fun and interesting program shows it’s participants the new ways people, customers, employers search for you online. It shows you the mountains of public and hidden information available on you and how it can be found by others. It also teaches you how you can craft your own message, remove negative information or repair your reputation online.

Most importantly, it introduces and outlines the basic principles of an increasingly important term, “Reputation Management”. Managing your reputation online has become a huge hidden industry, as well as, an important skill. This program digs deep into how organizations, companies, executives, public figures and even not so public ones, can guard against false claims, fraudulent information and other information that you don’t want publicly available.

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