7 Principles of a 21st Century Business

The future of business is changing daily, but most businesses are stuck in the past. Just because you have a computer and a website, doesn’t mean you’re working in the 21st Century. This keynote gives the audience rock solid principles that they can immediately put into action.

Although Mack talks tech in this seminar, this is a seminar about leveraging technology. Technology is like a hammer. If you don’t learn how to leverage the technology, you can’t get the nail in the wall. The purpose of this seminar is to give people the tools to be innovative, more profitable and more profitable leveraging the tools of tomorrow.

Be More Social

Having a hard time “getting” social media? Is your company or organization having trouble figuring out how to make social media work for you? Are you not connecting with your audience?

Mack’s “Be More Social” keynote pulls back the curtain on social media and gives the audience key insights on how to leverage social and make it more effective. Using real world examples and case studies, Mack shows you and your team how you can make social a winning channel. Take social from just a line item on a spreadsheet to something that excites your team and energizes your brand.

What the Heck is Technology Anyway?

Although technology touches our daily lives, many people are scared of technology or just don’t know what technology is and how it affects them. This keynote gets people to look at the simple technologies around them and then connects them to some of the more advanced technology.

The goal of this seminar is to remove some of the fear around technology, get buy in and generate excitement around technology and what can be done with it. This will leave all participants, young or old, as excited as a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas.

Behind The Digital Curtain

This is one of Mack’s signature keynotes that mixes technology, how we work today and examples from the classic book and movie, The Wizard of Oz. One of the subjects closest to Mack’s heart, how we work and how we’ll work in the future will most definitely change.

In this presentation, Mack uses a familiar story to walk participants through a vision of the future and illustrate examples of how they can use technology to fundamentally change the way we all work.

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