Mack’s Biography

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_title_box font_family=”none”]Determination. Creativity. Out of The Box Thinking. Real Results.[/mk_title_box][vc_column_text]

On average, a new business is started every 8 seconds. Still, even with smart people, great execution and significant funding, over 60,000 businesses fail each month. Solving this problem is what keeps Mack Burnett III,  awake at night.

A dynamic speaker, strategist, coach and professor, Mack is an early adopter with an intense passion for what’s “next” in entrepreneurship, marketing and business process optimization (BPO).

He also has an intense passion for helping others through teaching, speaking and training. Mack currently teaches entrepreneurship and digital marketing at New York University and has also taught at Rutgers and St. John’s University.

Having an intense passion for emerging, stalled or growing entrepreneurs that are need support to start, grow and scale, Mack is the Founder and Chief Success Officer of Simple Success Solutions. He’s also the founder of Entrepreneurs IQ, an international community of entrepreneurs. Several years ago, Mack founded and launched Digital Deepdish, a community of digital marketing professionals with members from Japan, China, New York City and all over South America.

Working with companies such as the NBA, Twitter, AXA, The Trump Organization, Nespresso, CBS Interactive and the Mass Transit Authority, Mack has consulted on such large scaled projects as international omni-channel marketing campaigns, built digital strategies focused on national acquisition and even built apps for Fortune 500 companies.

Mack has won multiple awards for business excellence and has appeared in magazines, newspapers and television including the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise. He also has won many awards such as 40 Under 40 awards from both The Network Journal and Long Island Business News for his marketing technology innovations.

With over 20 years of business and marketing experience, Mack is on a mission to help simplify success for entrepreneurs, startups and companies that want to simplify success.


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